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Driver backing out of parking space almost hits bicyclist on Ravenswood


Abrupt stop


4649 N Ravenswood (between Wilson and Leland)
47th Ward, Alderman Pawar

What happened

I’m headed northbound on Ravenswood and there’s pull-in diagonal parking on the street. Large SUV is backing out of spot into my path, doesn’t see me. If I continued my path and I didn’t stop, it would have hit me.

I begin screaming when they don’t stop moving. About 10 feet from our path’s intersection, driver notices or hears me and stops, I ride on.


Ravenswood at rush hour is bad, lots of people leaving work and the Metra stop, hard sight lines of cars backing out of parking spaces. There should be back-in diagonal parking and better lighting to improve visibility.

Waiting in parking space for traffic to clear, bicyclist almost gets backed into


Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Wide/buffered bike lane (with hatch marks on one or both sides)

Your story: Many cars were parallel parked outside of REI.  After leaving the store, I was astride my bicycle in an empty parking spot waiting for bike traffic to clear so I could move into the lane.  The woman in the car in front of me decided to back up so she could move out of her spot into the road, but she didn’t look back at all. I started shouting and trying to move back, but there was a parked car behind me as well. I slapped her trunk, and she heard that then stopped and waved an apology.

Driver leaving parking space not looking for bicyclists on Dearborn


1. Right hook (car turned right, across your path)
2. Other
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Bike lane (left of parking lane)

Your story: The Dearborn bike lane drops those heading north into a nightmare of curbside parking, cabs picking up riders, and vehicles high tailing it to the expressways [it’s also on the left side of the street]. I usually avoid it like the plague – hopping over to travel north on State Street even though I live on Dearborn near Lincoln Park. However, since summer has arrived and there are more bikers on the streets I decided to travel with a pack of cyclists north of Kinzie. A few drivers passed with less than 3 feet of space while I was riding in the bike lane painted in the door zone but overall not too bad until a woman parked in an SUV on the left of the bike lane decided to pull out of the parking spot and into the bike lane without looking. I had my eye out for her though as I know how dangerous that stretch is and was able to stop in time and yelled out to her to stop as well, which she did. Why are we painting bike lanes in door zones?? Why oh why? Accidents waiting to happen. I will definitely not be continuing north on Dearborn after Kinzie during rush hour again.

Suggested improvements: State is much safer as there are fewer opportunities/reasons for cars to turn right and less street parking. They should put in a PBL on state heading north if Kinzie. Is anything in the mix there in the 2020 plan?

[time is approximate]