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Driver buzzes bicyclist on Logan trying to cross Western


Logan and Western (under the viaduct), Chicago, IL
1st Ward, Alderman Moreno (according to 2012 remap)


Passed closely

What happened

As we progressed west on the boulevard under the viaduct, I took the right lane. A driver behind me hit the gas and zoomed past me, moving back into the right lane and passed my girlfriend with only a foot or so to spare.

Suggested improvements

Protected bike lane across Western and under the expressway. This is a long time coming – a cyclist was killed at this intersection five or six years ago.

Ed. note: This is a frequently problematic intersection for people to cross on bikes, and yes, as the submitter points out, there is a ghost bike here representing the death of Tyler Fabeck in 2008. The intersection is a key link between a very large residential and a very large shopping area (including Target and Strack & Van Til) with zero alternatives (save for a double-long route north to Elston and then southeast to the shopping area).

From 2005-2012 there have been 10 injuries to bicyclists and 2 injuries to pedestrians (reported). This is low compared to other “big” (as in geometry) intersections because, I believe, the bicycle traffic is low due to avoidance. This is also a dangerous place for people driving.