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Bicyclist falls because tires got caught in old train tracks on Magnolia Avenue


Injury: Minor scrapes, bumps and bruises

What happened

Roadway description: Train tracks on the road

Your story: I was riding northbound on Elston Avenue just south of North Avenue. I turned east onto Magnolia Avenue. Magnolia is not a high-traffic street so I took it planning to reach North Avenue. However there are old train tracks on the road with wide gaps where my front tire got caught causing me to slide off the left side of my bike and falling off. I scraped my knees pretty badly. I was lucky the oncoming car on the opposite side of the road was still far otherwise I could have been run off since I slid into the oncoming road lane. The oncoming driver was nice and stopped to ask if I was ok. Fortunately I didn’t break anything, but my knees do hurt a lot.

Approaching the bad intersection

Looking north on Elston Avenue, where the bicyclist turned right onto northbound Magnolia Avenue.

Suggested improvements: My suggestion is, fixing the roads. Chicago officials take so much pride in making the city bike-friendly and bragging about during press conferences but they forget the number one factor for this plan to work: safe roads for EVERYONE not just for bikers. It is great to create bike lanes, but the roads are still extremely dangerous. These train tracks on Magnolia Avenue are old and not in use anymore. The city should invest in fixing all major roads and fixing roads where train tracks are no longer in use.