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Bicyclist passed closely enough on Monroe to get hit by mirror


West Monroe between Canal and Wacker Chicago, IL
42nd Ward, Alderman Reilly


Passed closely

In this instance, the bicyclist was passed so closely they were hit. Chicago and Illinois laws require that motor vehicle drivers pass bicyclists with at least three feet between the bicyclist and the vehicle.

What happened

Biking east on Monroe, just past the river – the driver of a gray minivan (license plate “PJC”) passed on the left and bumped me hard enough to fold in their passenger side mirror, but not hard enough to knock me over or injure me.

Suggested improvements

A bike lane, and refreshed lane markings

Ed. note: I have changed the policy to include “light collisions”, situations where you are impacted/touched by a motor vehicle but where you’re not injured. If you are injured in a collision, you must file a crash report with the police – these situations will not be accepted on Close Calls.