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Driver backing out of parking space almost hits bicyclist on Ravenswood


Abrupt stop


4649 N Ravenswood (between Wilson and Leland)
47th Ward, Alderman Pawar

What happened

I’m headed northbound on Ravenswood and there’s pull-in diagonal parking on the street.┬áLarge SUV is backing out of spot into my path, doesn’t see me. If I continued my path and I didn’t stop, it would have hit me.

I begin screaming when they don’t stop moving. About 10 feet from our path’s intersection, driver notices or hears me and stops, I ride on.


Ravenswood at rush hour is bad, lots of people leaving work and the Metra stop, hard sight lines of cars backing out of parking spaces. There should be back-in diagonal parking and better lighting to improve visibility.

Bicyclist left hooked by functionally blind driver on Halsted Street


Left hook

What happened

Driver was parked and started to pull out of space. There were no cars in front of him so he pulled straight forward then went left into the driving lane, across the bike lane. He used no signal and his windows were fogged. I doubt he saw me. I had to slow quickly to let him get in front.

Suggested improvements for this location: Obviously a protected bike lane is optimal. But drivers need to pay attention. I also think the Divvy lights (I was on Divvy) could be brighter.