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Bicyclist nearly pinched on Milwaukee when impatient driver uses parking lane to bypass stopped car


1324 N Milwaukee Chicago, IL 60622
1st Ward, Alderman Moreno


Had to stop abruptly

What happened

Headed southbound on Milwaukee Avenue at Paulina Avenue. Single vehicle was waiting to make a left turn onto northbound Paulina from southbound Milwaukee. Driver of black SUV behind turning vehicle did the usual, swing out wide into the sharrow/parking lane to avoid being inconvenienced for four seconds.

I had nowhere to go except to slam on the brakes. I’m aware of this maneuver developing, so I generally approach it very slowly. Still, with full lights on and going 3 MPH, I was inches away from being pinched between the SUV and the parked cars. Also figures that the driver was on his cell phone during the time.

Suggested improvements

Ban cars on Milwaukee  no more pandering in my suggested improvements. If motorists can’t handle almost killing someone daily, they don’t deserve to use the road. Period.