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Bicyclist gets brushed by knowing driver on Pulaski Road


3881 N Pulaski Rd,  Chicago
30th Ward, Alderman Ariel Reboyras


Passed closely

What happened

Proceeding through intersection after the green light towards Irving Park Road. The intersection is messy because of the Kennedy ramp. There was a large truck on my left. I was trying to get ahead to where there were two defined lanes. 

While biking with the truck on my left, a guy driving in a white sedan, with a female passenger tries to squeeze between the truck and myself, with about 2 inches of room between us. His right side view mirror hit my arm, but I didn’t lose balance. We both were stopped at the next light at Irving Park Road. I knocked on his window to let him know that his car hit me. He said “I know, I’m sorry”.

Suggested improvements

Bike lane, painted road