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Bicyclist stops abruptly on North Avenue to avoid colliding with driver exiting parking space


2200 W North Avenue, Chicago, IL
32nd Ward, Alderman Scott Waguespack


Car turning (leaving parking space)
Abrupt stop

What happened

Your A driver of a parallel-parked car to my left pulled out of the space without signaling, nearly running into me. I yelled “hey! hey!” while braking and avoided the collision. He stopped his car to apologize, stating he didn’t see me because his mirrors were covered with water (it was raining at the time).

Suggested improvements

Bike-car separation is really the only thing I know of.

Almost doored on Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square


Almost doored
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Bike lane (left of parking lane)

Your story: It was raining. The driver of a navy blue mid 80s 4-door Buick economy car opened his door suddenly as I was passing by, going northbound. The driver missed hitting me mid-leg by 1-2 inches. No one else was in the bike lane, nor were there pedestrians around who observed. I had no confrontation with the driver.

Suggested improvements: This is the first time I’ve ever had an encounter in this spot in over a year of riding Milwaukee daily. I think that this was mostly an issue of driver education. The bike lane at this point is actually fairly wide and reasonable.

Steven’s note: The bike lane here is the minimum width of 5 feet for bike lanes next to a row of parked cars. The minimum width for bike lanes against the curb (without any parked cars) is 4 feet. Some bike lanes expand to 6 feet, like parts of Elston Avenue.