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Illegal right-turn-on-red causes bicyclist to stop abruptly to avoid crash


Had to stop abruptly

What happened

I was headed north on Lincoln Avenue. A driver whose car had NY plates was facing west on Wisconsin and waiting at the red light suddenly flicked her cigarette out the window and went through the red light to make a soft right-turn onto Lincoln, northbound. I and a taxi, both in the middle of the intersection (with a light that had turned green 5 seconds before) had to stop abruptly to let her through.

Suggested improvements for this location: Red light camera so she would at least pay for her nonchalance!

Ed. note: In Chicago, right turns on red are banned at all five and six-way intersections, with signs. New York City is the only known city in the country to ban the turns at all intersections. It would be better for pedestrian safety if the ban was switched in Chicago.