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Bicyclist almost clipped when trying to avoid a dooring on Halsted Street


Almost doored
Had to stop abruptly


2601 N Halsted St (at Wrightwood)
43rd Ward, Alderman Smith

What happened

Was going north on Halsted, which just received buffered bike lanes north of Fullerton. I had just cleared the Wrightwood intersection, where there are still no bike lanes (just sharrows) after the light turned green when a man entering his car flung the door open as he looked at me coming in his path. I started to go to the left when I was cut off by a driver who turned right to swing into a parking spot. I stopped abruptly.


It doesn’t matter if you looked at me first, people getting into cars need to wait to open their doors.

Chicago needs to stop cutting bike lanes off at intersections and there need to be more good ways to get further north without having to go all the way over to a street like Damen.

We also need to stop pretending Halsted is a good bike route.

Impatient driver swerves around other driver almost ramming bicyclist on Lincoln


Right hook or left hook

What happened

Was heading south on Lincoln coming up to Lincoln/George/Lakewood intersection. The light was green, and a driver decided to turn left onto George, and the car behind this turning car couldn’t wait one second so swerved right into my path as I was going at a pretty good pace. Had to hit the window of the swerving car or else the driver of this car would have been pushed me into the curb/light pole and it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Suggested improvements for this location: There are only bicycle sharrows on this stretch of Lincoln. A designated bike route, Lincoln is strange because drivers get impatient waiting behind bicyclists who don’t feel safe at all trying to balance out of the door zone and cars zooming by at 30 mph on your left. Would not have a car swerve in front if there was a two-way protected bicycle lane on Lincoln instead of this constant shifting/swerving/balancing/cringing that is currently on Lincoln. I think a bicycle light would also alleviate some of the merging problems at intersections like this, allowing bicycles to move through first.

Editor’s note: Like the leading pedestrian interval at many intersections, a leading bike interval could do a lot of good in keeping bicyclists, who are legally allowed to filter to the front of a lane on a shared-lane street like Lincoln, in view of drivers.

Right hook near Milwaukee/Paulina


1. Right hook (car turned right, across your path)
2. Swerved into your path and then out of your path
Injury: No

What happened?

Roadway description: Sharrows (bicycle symbol with two chevrons)

Your story: Ignorant driver, began to swerve right into parking lane w/o turn signal on NW Bound Milwaukee. Hard brake required. Avoided impact. Hard to fathom a driver not being aware of cyclists on Milwaukee Ave, she just left the stop light with 10 of us. No signs of driver distraction (e.g. phone). Driver honestly seemed confused.

Suggested improvements: 1) No cars on Milwaukee Ave. 2) Removal of one parking lane + PBL 3) Oprah as President 4) Curbside, parking protected PBLs (in order of likeliness)

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