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Bicyclist turns left with utmost responsibility while cabbie attempts to blow stop sign on Wilson


Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Sharrows (bicycle symbol with two chevrons)

Your story: I came to a complete stop going south on Beacon before trying to turn left onto eastbound Wilson. Saw a taxi speeding up to the stop sign. As I motioned with my hand to turn left, the taxi started to slow down, and I began to turn through the intersection. The taxi sped up and started to run the stop sign (4-way stop at Wilson/Beacon), but the driver stopped the car when he saw me already half-way through the intersection. I took note of the taxi number, 2356, and time at the next stop sign and reported the cab to 311.

Suggested improvements: Intersections, even small ones, should be designed to reduce amount of conflict points between cars, bikes, and pedestrians, and cars should be subject to traffic-calming at the intersection so proceeding through a stop sign without stopping is difficult.